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You Can Learn About Splits BEFORE They Are Announced!

Our Stock Split Report is an email service that provides you the very best information to maximize your success in making money on stock splits. This is a powerful methodology for consistently winning in the stock market because it focuses on the leaders, those stocks that are outperforming the market in both price and fundamentals. Thus we are able to take the best of the market: leadership stocks and a powerful strategy, and combine those to give us an edge in our investing. This 'one-two' punch delivers consistent returns in both up markets and down markets because as we have seen, even in the throes of a bear market there are sectors that outperform and announce stock splits. By focusing on leadership stocks we automatically move to the strongest market sectors, and when we overlay the stock split strategy these leaders give us even stronger returns.

Watch Stock Split Report Chief Market Editor Jon Johnson's interview regarding stock splits on CNBC-TV. Mr. Johnson has been interviewed on CNBC-TV, Bloomberg TV, Houston's 650 Business Radio and his newsletters have been featured in various financial articles, including articles in the Washington Post, Chicago Sun, The Wall Street Journal's Smart Money Magazine, Bloomberg, Kiplinger Personal Finance Magazine, Houston Chronicle, Business Week, Money Magazine and other news magazines.

We publish the Stock Split Report on our website as well as on our website.

We focus on three primary areas to take advantage of these market leaders: pre-announcements where we forecast the actual split ahead of time, pre-split where we jump in for some wild rides just ahead of the actual split, and post-splits where we can grab some frequent splitters in great technical position for the move toward the next split announcement. We also always keep an eye out for the next up and comers that have no splits under their belts but are starting to play in the ballpark with the other leadership. These stocks can provide us tremendous returns even before they become 'official' split candidates. For pre-announcement plays we give you forecasts of potential stock splits before they are announced, even providing date (and when appropriate, the approximate time) we believe the stock split announcement will occur. For each type of play we provide our thoughts on how to successfully implement a trading strategy that we believe fits each stock split we forecast. Not all stock split plays should be traded the same way because not all stocks are at the same stage in their development. Some we want to get in early based on the technical pattern that shows we can capture significant gain well ahead of the forecast date while others we want to wait and move in at the last minute. The Stock Split Report will provide you with our strategies for playing a split with sufficient time for you to analyze and decide if you want to make a trade based on the information.

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Those seeking sober advice on likely split candidates should seek out The Stock Split Report...


Just want you guys to know I am an independent stockbroker and you have helped me very much the past year.........keep up the good work.

We Started This Service To Give You Better Information!

The impetus for this service was simply demand. Our stockbrokers were following our trades and trying to pass the information to their clients, but could not keep up with the requests. Moreover, other services simply did not provide the in-depth information and expertise we had amassed. Simply providing 'alerts' when a split is announced or a laundry list of potential split candidates do not help investors take full advantage of the power of stock splits. Indeed, in a bear market that provides practically no value. An investor needs in depth technical and fundamental analysis of the plays as well as information as to what price, volume and market condition to enter into an investment. Our service gives you the what, when, where, and how that you need to have to be successful in investing in splits or any other stock market investment. For a bit extra we will even alert you when the time to buy, sell, hold or otherwise arises. Other services simply do not have the expertise with the market and with splits to consistently make the big money stock splits offer.


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You Are Given A Target Date, So You Aren't Wasting Your Money!

We believe that we provide the best alternative ... stock split forecasts with a specific target date for the announcement. This provides you with a narrow and workable time period in which to plan and enter a position with either stock or options. Having a well-defined time window means that you can build a game plan that fits your investment style whether you prefer stock, options, or like to take advantage of both for long and short term gains. We love leaders that like to split their stock and that are in a great technical pattern. We can use our specific forecast dates to build both a long and short term position in a stock and really provide outstanding returns.


Your split report is the greatest. The first month I started using it my monthly earnings jumped from $20,000 to $50,000, the second month to $97,000, and the third to $125,000. What can I say but thank you. MR. AHL

An Example Of Our Secret Proprietary Forecasting Model!

For example, we noticed that a certain stock we were following, one of the market leaders, was setting up a nice reverse head and shoulders pattern as the rest of the market was also setting up a breakout. A lot of pundits claimed the rally off the recent low was over, but the market indicators were telling us things were setting up for another move higher. Certainly this stock was telling us that with great accumulation in a solid pattern. A breakout would also put it back near its split price for a run into the next split announcement. This ‘one-two’ punch of a great pattern and a stock nearing its next split date is a recipe for profit. The stock broke out at $42.50 and we moved in with stock and options. By the time the announcement came in July the stock had rallied to $52.50 and we had a nice 80% gain in our options. With the split announcement it shot higher and we took a 157% gain on those options and a 50% stock gain. Then we turned around and moved back in ahead of the actual split date, bought some more stock and more options, and wound up with a 115% gain on one option play and a 300% gain on another. We sold all our options but held some of the stock, not wanting to cut off a long term winner that has made us a 100% long term gain on top of the option plays. Leaders, technically correct buy points, stock split strategy, profits. That is what we focus on.

The beauty is we can repeat this formula over and over from sector to sector and from market to market. We play the pre-announcement move based on good technical indicators. We get a good move even if the split is not announced! When the split does come the icing is sweet. On another trade a little later we jumped in early on a good technical chart. We logged a 115% option gain before the stock split was announced. The stock split announcement came and the stock charged higher. 52% on the stock position, and another option position on the pre-split run logged another 140% gain. Again, this scenario of leaders, technical indicators, and stock splits produces again and again. These are just some of the types stock split plays we forecast and profit from.


Thank you for your help.....I am very pleased with your reports, I think they give a most thorough, prudent take on the market -- and not just on splits and the covered call. The last one with a catch up instructional section was very well done. Of all the newsletters I have checked out I find your service has the most information that I actually use. Along with your intelligent commentary it is extremely helpful. This, and the fact that it is delivered directly to my email address where I can check it so conveniently, makes it unbeatable. After your prompt answer to my question yesterday, I now know customer service is great too. You have my vote for one of the better financial web sites available.
Thanks Again, Elizabeth H. - Florida
PS. I especially like your truthful streak! If you louse up one of your plays, you say so--what you did that you wished you'd done differently and why. I get real sick of all the pundits who, while twisting in the wind, never admit indecision or mistakes, or that they were taken by surprise. I appreciate the struggle of making decisions, and it interests me when you ... show your mind set and just how you go about coming up with your recommendations. That is truly educational for me. Keep up your good work.

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We Follow Strong Companies So You Can Profit!

It is critical to understand stock splits as well as the market and good technical indicators. Again, the Stock Split Report focuses on strong companies in strong sectors. Forecasting the exact date of when a company will announce a stock split is, obviously, very difficult. By following strong companies, and entering positions when the stock is showing a strong technical pattern, we give ourselves the additional advantage of being able to profit from our position even regardless if a split is announced or not!

Our Stock Split Report will have you following several well-known companies as well as some up and comers you may not know well but whose returns will endear them to you, days and even weeks before our target date for an announcement. This information will allow you to position yourself in the event a run in the stock occurs on the days leading up to the forecast announcement date. We discuss the key technical aspects of the stock to determine what we feel is the best entry point for a trade, and invoke various strategies for entering and exiting positions on stock split announcements forecast in conjunction with earnings, or shareholder or board meetings (in fact, some great trades are closed out or entered into just minutes before our projected announcement time). We share this information with our subscribers so they have plenty of time to execute the strategies as they see fit.


Thank you for your great reports. I have made more money than I ever have in the last 15 years of investing. You guys really know your stuff. Thanks again.
E. Thallmayer

Here Is Why We Are Your Best Stock Split Service Choice

Unlike other newsletters, we address stock splits as a primary way of making a living in the stock market. As such, our strategies are focused on the profitable playing of stock splits. That is very different from playing earnings announcements, breakouts, breakdowns, and other forms of trading. Not that we do not take advantage of those strategies while we are in the period of time ahead of forecast announcement dates; indeed, that proved quite useful when the market was heading down the past few weeks. However, when it comes time to play the split, our technique is very specialized and has been developed through years of anticipating stock split announcements. Many other split services, in fact all that we have seen, trade potential split announcement candidates no differently from any other trade. In fact, they often advise their subscribers to be out of a trade at the very time some of the greatest, fastest gains can be made.

We do it differently, and use a methodology that gives much more opportunity to profit. There is an old adage that you do not carry a stock or option for a short term play over an earnings announcement. The reason is uncertainty about what the earnings will be; indeed, even if earnings are good investors can still beat up a stock if market sentiment is bad. In a general sense, that is true looking at the universe of stocks. However, we do not treat all stocks equally when it comes to earnings. We look at the leaders when we are forecasting announcements with earnings. In another example, a market leader was coming up to its earnings date in July, we had also marked a stock split announcement for that date. As with many leaders, it gave us several great entry points. We saw it early and caught a breakout in June. We got another opportunity right ahead of the stock split announcement as it sold back to the 18 day MVA as nervous traders moved out ahead of earnings. We used that test of the 18 day MVA to move in, particularly as it was showing a doji on the close. After hours it announced the split and powered ahead $9.14 the next session. We logged a nice 185% option gain on that quick play, a 260% option gain from the earlier play, and 28%, 30%, and 36% on our stock positions.


After watching 'stocksplits' for the last couple of months and realizing that you guys knew what you were talking about, I finally decided to step in a little deeper ... thank you, thank you, thank you. My wife has already begun plans for a kitchen remodel and if things keep going like this, maybe we will pay off the mortgage too.
Richard H. - Washington

These plays also point out a big difference from other services: we don't just throw any play up and hope it sticks. Research, research, personal contacts, and more research go into every play. More than that, we look at the cream of the crop, especially with earnings plays. Our split research gives us a big edge in making money, but with earnings, we want even more. We look for the stocks that are the leaders if we are going to step in front of them at earnings time or when the market is less than desirable.

The differences are equally apparent with shareholder meeting plays and board meeting plays. We love to pick up our plays on breakouts of technical patterns. That is why we analyze each pattern every trading day and report to you those that look the best for the upcoming session. That does not mean others are not still solid, just that these are the cream for new or additional entry points. When we get right to the announcement date, however, we shift into 'split' mode, looking to take positions right before the meeting when we see the pattern strengthen intraday. These positions could be in addition to ones we already took on a good technical move earlier, or they could be our first position on the play. These are pure 'split' positions based on our research and contacts. Other services simply put you in or out of the stock based on their version of technical analysis that has nothing really to do with whether a split will be announced or not.


Hi, just want you guys to know that I am really enjoying this SSR. I am beginning to believe that you all walk on water. Keep up the good work.
Linda - A Loyal Follower - Conneticut

This 'one size fits all' method of investing does not fully take advantage of what playing stock splits can do for you. One of our members writes and says he does nothing but trade pre-announcement and pre-split plays in his investing. He determined that if he followed the advice of other services, he would have missed out on the initial moves of such huge trades that we profited on here with our Stock Split Report. Further, he was able to take advantage of a short term earnings play while only being exposed to the market for about 12 minutes while other services said to be out. By acting before the big event, he was able to buy his options on those trades before the announcement was made when prices were much lower due to lower volatility; again, safer entry point when option volatility is lower. Those that buy after the announcement when volatility jacks the option prices higher suffer when the volatility falls and the option price falls as well.

When it comes down to it, we play stock splits for profit. We have developed strategies that are tailored to this form of trading. That means we know that sometimes companies are not going to announce a stock split in spite of all of the research and what contacts tell us. Our strategies are designed to give us the opportunity to make money on the news and protect our downside as much as possible, given the nature of the game. Even when we get no announcement from a quality industry leading company, we can still manage an excellent profit. And the stocks, being in great technical patterns, can keep running regardless. Playing the cream of the crop gives us some great profits even though a stock split isn't always announced. Unless you are in an office pool about what stocks will or will not announce splits, profit is the name of the game.

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