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Ticker Split An-Date Ex-Date # prior
Price Month
Prior To
Price Prior
To An-Date
Pay Date
THE FIRST OF LONG ISLAND CORPORATION FLIC 3:2 SEP 17 OCT 16 4 34.61 35.00 34.67 36.75
AMPHENOL CORPORATION APH° 2:1 AUG 12 OCT 10 3 96.59 99.23 99.85 98.68
PANHANDLE OIL AND GAS INC. PHX 2:1 SEP 11 OCT 08 3 64.38 62.08 60.08 53.61

Record Dates = Information on Record Dates.
° = Optionable.
* = Announced within the past week.

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"An-Date" is the date the company announced the stock split. "Ex-Date" is the date that the stock price is adjusted to reflect the issuance of new shares due to the stock split. Thus, the "Price Month Prior To An-Date" is the stock's price about 1 month prior to its stock split announcement; the "Price Prior To An-Date" is the last closing price prior to the stock split announcement and the "An-Date Price" is the closing price the first trading date after the stock split is announced (which is generally the day after the "Price Prior To An-Date"). "Pay Date" is the last day that the stock trades prior to stock price being adjusted for the split.

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