In the Daily you recently mentioned realtime services and in particular eSignal, which seems to be your preferred one. I have been using PCQuote 6.0 . . . I never heard you mentioning it, though, which makes me wonder; is it because you don't know about it or because you consider its service poor (doesn't look like it to me, although it might be considered pricey). [C]ould you please tell me how does it compare with eSignal? (August 22, 2000)

  PCQuote has an impressive package similar to that of eSignal. Its top-line package has many of the same features. What I don't like about it is how it comes piecemeal (you have to pay for 8 or more services to get the whole package), it is really expensive, and each package does not have the same basic features as does eSignal. With eSignal you get a basic software package that has almost all of the whistles and bells. You then add a few options such as Nasdaq Level II or options. You still get all of the features on the basic package. PCQuote is another good, powerful service. We just think it is too pricey and too complicated as far as pricing, and we don't like how all of the features work. We have used many, and eSignal is the best for us because of its intuitive commands, ease of viewing, reliability, direct access, multitude of broker options for online trading, and reasonable cost given the features and what others offer. It is for serious investors, not a toy such as Windows on Wall Street. PCQuote is solid. If you like it and it works for you, use it. The key is what you are comfortable with and what gives you confidence.

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