What is the best realtime data provider? (July 22, 2000)

  We have used many, including eSignal, Window On Wall Street, DTNiq, all to determine what we liked best. Despite the television ads touting Window On Wall Street, we found the program hard to use, non-intuitive (even the Help was poor), and really hard to see on the screen (and we have BIG computer screens). After a day of looking at that screen, we were ready to heave the computer out the window. Its option 'chain' was not really a chain listing all options, but just one at a time. Moreover, it does not even give you deltas. No, for the real trader, WOW does not cut it. Of all we have used, eSignal delivers the best package. It has all of the information we need, it has the options data we need (listing the entire chain for you so you can look at it in a glance), you can trade right off of the screen, it works with many other packages and brokers, and it is very, very pleasant to look at. One of our writers has never even used the Help feature.

After we received this question (we get it every day) we called eSignal and asked if they had a deal for our subscribers so you could see what it is all about. They do have a deal for our subscribers, but they need until this coming week to get things set up. We will give you the contact information, details of the special deal, etc. in the reports this coming week. It will be a nice offer for what we feel is the best service available.

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