Is there a reliable site that you can find the dates and time of day (before, during or after market hours) companies are scheduled to report earnings? I can't find one that is reliable. (July 18, 2000)

  There are many sites that offer an earnings release service, but as you have found, we have found none that are completely accurate. And that is not necessarily the fault of the site. We have a heck of a time getting accurate information from the companies. We don't trust what we see on the web, so we always call the company directly. Even then we can get differing dates or the date they give us is simply wrong. Take GLW for example. We called the company twice and both times 7-24 was verified as the release date. Well, out they come on Monday the seventeenth. Many times the companies are fighting deadlines of their own, and just getting the numbers ready may be a problem. Yahoo has a list at

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