How do the Aggressive versus Safer plays work with respect to positions? (July 3, 2000)

  The 'Buy Point' section addresses what the buy point is for both the aggressive and safer plays. The safer play is usually the break over resistance or out of a basing pattern. The 'Position' section addresses the positions to take on the 'aggressive' play and the 'safer' play, respectively. Thus on option plays, the 'safer' play often lists an option that is out of the money at the current stock price, but when the stock hits the safer buy point, that option will be in the money. We have considered breaking the sections down into an 'aggressive' section that lists the buy point and position for the aggressive play in that section, and a 'safer' section that lists the buy point and positions for the safer play. Let us know which way you feel it will be easier to understand and use.

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