Is there a web address to track Nasdaq volume during trading days, and compare that volume to past days? What about volumes on individual stocks? (April 19, 2000)

  Yahoo Finance can be used to track intraday volume as well as up volume and down volume. It is not real time, but they update the information at least every 20 minutes. That gives you an idea of the strength of any move. The link is: This does not give you a comparison with the previous days' volume. To do that we use our charting tool and compare from there. When looking at intraday volumes, we will use that in conjunction with our real-time charting service which also provides us a unit by unit (we use 5 minutes) volume count. That way when we see volume is strong and the average or a stock is moving up, we can look at what the volume is during that time period-that way we can tell if volume is surging up on a move or not. The software program we are using right now is eSignal, and if you open an account with All Tech and maintain a $10,000 balance, you can use eSignal for free and place trades in seconds.

We use a real-time service, but on the internet, once again Yahoo Finance provides intraday volumes on individual stocks. Go to: and enter the ticker symbol. Then go to the pulldown menu to the right of the quote box and select 'detailed.' Hit enter and the summary will include the volume up to that point in the session. It will be delayed by 20 minutes, but that is not bad. Another place for real time snapshots of prices and volumes is You register (it's free), and then you can look at real-time snapshots of price and volume. A really neat service for free.

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