I read the [your service] for advice everyday, but it seems that it only helps out with the people who play options. I unfortunately do not play options. I just play the individual stocks, and as your newsletter helps with the options and when to buy and sell those options, it does not get that specific with your feelings on individual stocks and when you are positive or negative at certain prices. I am not looking for the newsletter to get specific it just seems that the options people get more heads up.

  We do play a lot of options as it allows us to leverage our trading capital to get the most out of a play and to allow us to make more plays. Options are, however, a wasting asset and are therefore much riskier. Moreover, with volatility and other factors at play, options require an understanding before one can have consistent success in all market conditions.

Though we play options, that does not mean we do not pay attention to the underlying stock. Indeed, we pay close attention to the stock as its pattern is the determining factor as to whether we buy an option or not. In fact, there are very few situations (we are having a hard time thinking of any) where we would buy the option on a stock and not buy the stock itself if we are looking at a bullish play. Given the time decay, volatility components and other considerations in playing options that make them riskier than buying stock, we want to be darn sure the stock is doing what we want it to do before we buy an option. Thus, any bullish option play we have is equally bullish for the stock. We don't come out and say that every time, but please realize that is the case.

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