What do the letters in the options alerts mean? For example the (K) in AAPL 11K350.00 or (B) in ADTN 12B33.00 These are mostly found in the downloadable table. (November 11, 2011)

  The letter represents the expiration month. The (K) in AAPL 11K350.00 would represent the November call options and the (B) in ADTN 12B33.00 are the February call options. The following is a chart of the letter designations for calls and puts for each month.

Call   Month   Put
A      Jan         M
B      Feb         N
C      Mar         O
D      Apr         P
E      May        Q
F      June         R
G      July          S
H       Aug        T
I        Sept        U
J       Oct          V
K       Nov        W
L       Dec         X

I also spell out the option. For example, in AAPL:

POSITION: AAPL 11K350.00 - Nov. $350c (57 delta) &/or Stock

The 11K350.00 means I am looking at the 2011 Nov. $350 call options for AAPL.

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