When you say a stock is 'on the bubble,' are you saying that positions are about to explode higher or deflate and sink? (January 15, 2003)

  Not exactly a clear phrase. What we mean when using this is that the play is not really performing and not really falling apart, just kind of stagnant. It is 'on the bubble' in that we are ready to end the play through lack of movement. It may ultimately make the move we want, but it is also exhibiting some weakness that we don't like. We could more than likely find some better use for the money near term. We may miss a jump up, but if we cannot answer the question 'would I buy this stock now' with a yes and we have reservations about its action, we will take the money off the table. Stocks that are 'on the bubble' fit this category and we are looking at taking the money and putting it to better use elsewhere.

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