When you list a stock in your newsletter, and a buy point, and it doesn't meet it in the first week, do you continue to watch it, and if it hits that buy point say a month later, then do you still buy it? (April 24, 2002)

  We always continue to watch stocks that have been in the reports even if they do not hit the buy points. Many times a stock will be in a base and looks close to breaking out, but needs more time. As long as the pattern holds, we will continue to look at the same buy point. Now if the pattern is disrupted and changes character, that changes the view on the play. It may or may not still be a buy at the same price, volume, etc., but it may still be a buy at a different point. What sometimes happens is a stock tries a move, fails, and then continues with a new base. We let the stock rebuild, make the new base, and then establish the buy point for that base.

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