You mention candlestick charts quite frequently. Do they make up an integral part of your analysis? Where can I learn more about them? (February 13, 2002)

  Candlestick charts are an important part of our analysis of any stock. There are several reasons. For one, once you get comfortable with what they are showing, you can get a much quicker idea of what the momentum of a particular stock is. They are frequently very accurate in showing us quickly if there is upside or downside momentum. When combined with volume, and stock patterns, they are very important in analysis. They don't show different data from a bar chart; they just show it in a way that is much clearer to see at a glance and it is easier to see the shift from buying to selling momentum and vice versa.

We teach candlesticks in our online seminars and there are several good books. One of them is by Gregory Morris called 'Candlestick Charting Explained.'

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