Could you please tell me which websites I can look for the volume of Nasdaq, volume of accumulation and distribution? (November 3, 2001)

  You can find Nasdaq volume on NYSE volume on, and both on That gives you the raw data. Now as for what is accumulation and what is distribution, those are concepts that involve understanding the relationship between volume on up sessions versus volume on down sessions, block trades, etc. There is no site that gives you a figure at the end of the day as to whether there was accumulation or distribution. It is something that has to be gleaned from an understanding of how markets move, how mutual funds buy and sell. At our website we tell you each session if there was accumulation ongoing or distribution. Not every session gives you a clear picture. This past week was an example on Thursday and Friday. Volume was not moving higher on the buying. There were more buyers in the market because the Dow and S&P rose; however, the volume did not rise, so there were not more buyers than there were buyers or sellers earlier in the week. We teach you how to understand what is accumulation asn what is distribution in the online seminars, and as institutions drive the market, understanding this is an important concept.

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