I read stockcharts.com. In their daily chart they have the 50 day MVA as 15.91, in their weekly chart they have the 50 day MVA as 15.58, yet you say 16.16 is the 50 day MVA average that ABX just bounced off of. If your information is correct then mine is not. For obvious reasons I need to get this straightened out. According to my daily chart, ABX opened at the 18 MVA average and moved up from there all day. (September 29, 2001)

  Stockcharts.com most likely is using the 50 day simple moving average, and that is the discrepancy. We use the exponential 50 day MVA in most instances as that tends to track closer to actual movements by institutions. The exponential reading puts more emphasis on the latter days in the 50 day period.

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