How do you figure the target sell points for stocks like EASI and others breaking out to new highs? Is there a percentage you use? From what point do you start figuring since they keep making new highs? (August 7, 2001)

  In this market where we see a solid move then sell back, we are looking for a 20% move as our target. That might be a bit much, and if a stock starts to show topping signs after 15% (e.g., a gap higher and selling back, a close well off of the high on either a gap or just a run higher from the open, or a doji), we will also take at least some profits at that point. We determine the target from the point where it clears that resistance that takes it to the first new high. On successive highs we have to look at how far the stock moves on its runs and calculate the move from that point. We also have to keep in mind how many runs it has had on this move; is it on the third or fourth run? The move might not be as high, or it might happen in one or two sessions (i.e., jump up fast) and then turn fast.

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