A recent comment you made really got my attention. You said, "We see lots of stocks starting to form up patterns that were not doing much until recently. Would you mind sharing with us what some of these stocks are and what improvement you see in their patterns? (July 3, 2001)

  We are seeing some of the stocks that are still coming across with decent sales and revenues (though down in the economic slump), leading the pack. And some of these former leaders are showing signs of life. Some are still deep in the bases, others are moving higher. What are these stocks? BRCD, SEBL, CTXS, AOL, and ADBE. Those are still low, but showing life. Then there are those that are making real moves off of the lows: PDLI, NVLS, and KLAC. Then look at the stocks in ranges: ALTR, AMAT, QCOM. These are easily recognizable names, and they have been hammered. There is signs of life there, but are they the best bets right now? They are riskier because they have so much overhead; they could get dumped on at any time when things turn even temporarily sour. You have to know the range on these stocks, know resistance points, and be ready to take gains and wait for the next opportunity until that pattern really forms up.

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