Could you please tell me what " team trades " mean? Are you all trading at the same time? Do you send members emails to trade those? (June 16, 2001)

  Team Trades are trades we make on the plays that we have written about in the reports. The purpose is to show subscribers how we go about acting upon the plays that we have set up, i.e., what we look for, when we get in, what positions we take and at what points. It helps provide another tool to see how we utilize the information we prepare. The plays are very similar to the thought process (actually almost identical) that we go through in deciding if we want to make the trade.

Now, we are going to introduce another service very soon (in the next two weeks or so) for all of the reports that is an alert service that will notify you by email, pager, or cell phone when we see a breakout move or other move we are looking for and are ready to make the trade. It is going to give you the information we use to make the decision: the alert will be triggered at a price just below the pivot point or buy point so we have time to check the play again, it will provide the actual buy point where we would get in, the current volume, and what percent of average volume the current volume is. We will also include any comments we feel are important for the trade, if any. It is quite an undertaking to do this, but it is a service that many of you want, and it will easily pay for itself each month by getting you into the right trades at the right time without requiring you to watch the market at all times. Needless to say, we are very excited about this service.

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