I am a daily subscriber to your service and from time to time see you mention your following certain stocks on your Palm VII. I am thinking about purchasing one and was wondering if you could tell me if you are able to get real-time quotes and/or real-time streaming data on charts for the stocks you are watching. Also what brokerage service supplies this info to you. I have heard that Etrade is supposed to have some award winning service involving the Palm VII. Any information you can provide is appreciated. (May 16, 2001)

  Yes I personally use a Palm VII and like it very much. One drawback for getting alerts: you have to access the message software. In other words, it does not alert you, but you have to check your messages to see if there is an alert that has been sent. FreeRealTime provides free snapshot realtime quotes. BigCharts provides decent charts. Fidelity and E-Trade have very good services on the Palm where you can get realtime quotes and decent charts. Palm is going to come out with their replacement for the Palm VII in the late summer/early fall, and we hear it will have better features that will actually alert you without accessing the network. That sounds really interesting; also, there is already a phone out there that has the Palm interface on it and I believe is offered by Sprint. Have to check it out.

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