I subscribe to the Daily and I am only about 3 weeks old with your service. I am trying to find a site on the internet that provides the 10 and 50 day (and shorter term also) moving averages on any particular stock. Datek allows you to choose ave's based on minutes (say 5 min ave), Etrade gives some info but cant see individual days etc. I've checked Yahoo and many others but cant seem to find this info. In the daily you mention watching where a stock is in relation to the 10 and 50 mvas, but I can't find this info anywhere. (May 15, 2001)

  Many sites show the moving averages on the chart, but my guess is that you are looking for the actual price as well, not just a line on the graph, right? There are many services that allow you to watch moving averages such as http://www.stockcharts.com, BigCharts.com or Askresearch.com. They do not show you the actual numerical value of the MVA. Investertech.com does do this, but they now charge a fee for this service to customize the moving averages as we like them (they offer the 5 day, 10 day and 20 day options on the free chart). If anyone knows of another site, please advise. We use eSignal to get the daily moving averages, but that is part of a larger use of this realtime service.

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