[I]t is hard to determine what is in play, what might or was a play and what might be a potential trade. Is there any location on your site that sorts this out? (May 10, 2001)

  With respect to what is in play, we touched on that in the summary tonight. What we do is put out the plays that meet our criteria of earnings and sales, pattern, price/volume action, etc. We put buy points, target profits, and stop loss points on the Daily and Technical Trader. As long as the pattern holds that we describe, the stock is still in play. We talked in the Team Trades the other night about MKT and THQI being on the alarm for quite awhile before they made their moves. We had alarms set on these and also had told our broker to do the same for us. We drop trades when they fall out of the patterns. What we do on the TTR is remove the plays when they fall out of the pattern we are watching or have a strong run, and put them on watchlists for the next buy or short point. On the SSR we put them in the best plays section or the remaining play section depending upon the pattern and if they look like they are ready for a buy. We drop the dogs that fall out of contention and lose their pattern, but we let you know when we do it. Your idea is a great one, and we are going to look into providing a summary page of plays that are still in the pattern or have fallen out and need to regroup.

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