Where can I chart the 5 and 15 minute averages both for a stock and for the Nasdaq? (November 11, 2000)

  We use a realtime service at eSignal where we also simultaneously watch the quotes, time and sales, and Level II (Nasdaq stocks). Big Charts (www.bigcharts.com) will give you intraday charts as well, and you can set these two MVA's on the intraday charts. On our intraday charts, we set two moving averages, one for 5 minute intervals and one for 15 minutes. That means imputing '5' and '15' as the intervals to chart. We watch for crossovers, up or down, as intraday buying or sell points. When a stock is trending up the 5 minute MVA bounces up off of the 15 minute MVA each time it touches it. If it crosses over the 15 minute MVA and fails on a test to break back over, that is usually a signal that the stock is going to sell down in the short term. When a stock is trending down, the 5 minute will move up to test the 15 minute, but will fail. If it breaks over the 15 day MVA, tests it, and then moves up, that is a sign that the stock is moving up in the short term.

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