Do you have any suggestions for a charting service similar to that could be used with eSignal? (October 11, 2000)

  As noted in your email, eSignal does have a charting function built in, and while not the most powerful, it does provide some of the basics you need during the day for following stocks, including moving averages, volume, and trendline capability. During the day we often toggle between interval charts (intraday charts) and daily charts (showing the past several months of trading) to get a better feel for what is happening intraday.

One of the main charting programs many of our writers have started using is TC2000 by Worden Brothers. It is a great charting package, but it is not realtime; about the best you can do is get 20 minute (or more) delayed charts. That is not any help for intraday entry or exit points, but the package is a good one to analyze charts longer term. It has a bunch of proprietary charting tools that are or are not very useful (in our view) depending upon the stock and the type of market we are in. One of the main things we like it for is the scanning feature that you can build yourself to track certain stocks and patterns.

On the web there are several charting packages, probably some realtime ones that we are not aware of. We have used Big Charts,, and All of these allow you to customize charts and are updated intraday, but they are not realtime charts. Again, we do most of our chart analysis using a package such as TC2000 or Telechart, and then keep up on them during the session with eSignal. We have both running during the day so we can confirm moves we see on the eSignal charts with our view of the static TC2000 chart.

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