Where can I find out what institutions are buying or selling a stock? Are sites updated daily, weekly? Where can I find out what is an average daily volume for a stock? Where can I find out the volume movement throughout the day? (October 9, 2000)

  One of the best and easiest to use sources of buying or selling is Investor's Business Daily. IBD has a letter rank of A through E that describes whether a stock is being accumulated ("A" ranking is best) or sold ("E" ranking). It also has a mutual funds section that shows the top buys and sells of the top mutual funds. We look at several sources in arriving at our buying or selling indicator, but IBD is very easy to use. As for average daily volume on a stock, try Yahoo Finance at http://quote.yahoo.com. At the quote window, type in the ticker symbol and then select 'Detailed' as the type of quote you want. One of the pieces of information provided is average daily volume. You can also use this window to get updates on volume, but it is delayed by 20 minutes. Another site for daily volume is at FreeRealTime.com.

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