What is the meaning of team trades? The information from what I see comes out after the fact, which team are you talking about? (September 16, 2000)

  This section represents trades the Investment House writers are involved in implementing the strategies from the various reports. The purpose of these summaries is to show insight into how we implement the trades we discuss in the reports. We like to show how stocks move intraday and how they often repeat a pattern that you can use to your advantage to get the best entry point. It also shows that you can often have a couple of chances to get in on a breakout as the stock breaks out and them comes back to test that break before resuming its move.

We are looking into adding a live trading service that is realtime during the open and close, the two most active times of the day. We have not worked out the logistics and are not sure of the demand for such a premium service, but as stated, we are looking into it.

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