I use Telechart 2000. Where can I go to get other indications for money stream and balance of power? (August 28, 2000)

  Money stream and balance of power are two proprietary indicators developed for TC2000. They are roughly the equivalents of money flow and accumulation or distribution. There are several sources for money flow calculations. On the web you can get indications from many of the charting services such as Big Charts or Investertech. Bloomberg has its own money flow calculation that many traders use, but Bloomberg (to our knowledge) does not disseminate that information on its website. A Bloomberg terminal is a cool $1500 per month.

As for accumulation or distribution, we look at many sources, including block trades, whether they were on the buy side or the sell side, etc. One good source of buying or selling is Investor's Business Daily. That newspaper rates stocks from A to E as to whether they are being accumulated by top mutual funds. That is a very useful tool.

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