Covered Calls

Our Covered Calls Philosophy

Our philosophy may be a little different, and a little more conservative, than other web sites you may have seen or books that you may have read. Specifically, we do not limit ourselves solely to options with less than 4 weeks until expiration. Extending the time period for expiration by a couple of weeks beyond 4 weeks, can open the door at times to nearly 10 times as many stocks from which to choose. Hopefully, this will allow us to find a few good ones.

Don't overlook the previous paragraph. It's pretty darn tough to write calls month in and month out on stocks with good premiums if you are limiting your choices to stocks with just 4 weeks until expiration. We have performed the research thousands of times. The choices simply get few and far between once you get down to only 4 weeks. We will provide you with several each month, but you will have a much better selection if you are willing to write calls with a little longer time frame. Remember, you can go elsewhere and pay for services that only provide these shorter-term plays... but also remember, we are reviewing them as well and will post ones that meet our criteria but we will also be choosing not to post a great many of them because they don't meet our criteria.

Also, it is very important that you realize that we are a starting point for your covered call research. We are not the ending point. Once our tables are up each evening we have saved you many hours of initial research. You should then implement sufficient research you deem necessary to invest your money.

Updating Of The Covered Call Tables

With the exception of our 3 unscreened tables, our site is not just raw data dumps of stocks and options lists without regard to any criteria. Rather, our tables are generated only after a review of the numerous stock and option combinations that mathematically would qualify for one of our tables and have been reduced to include the stocks that are listed based on the criteria we have set forth herein.

Once the tables are posted, each Member then may use the information, as they see fit to evaluate possible opportunities. It is recommended that each Member discuss their strategies with a licensed securities professional.

Thank you for taking the time to read through all of this material on my covered call tables. I have worked very hard to make it the best on the web. If you have any questions, please send me a note via our contact us page and I will certainly try to answer any questions that you may have! I am dedicated to making this the best covered call website available ... help me make it better!


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